My random thoughts on writing notes and using note cards...


Sometimes I may send a text, email, tweet or a Facebook message; however,

My favorite act of expression is reaching out in written form

Because I like expressing myself in written form

I like to send a note or two


Writing on beautifully textured paper with the feel of a good pen in my hand empowers me a little by giving me a sense or pride. Why? I'm proud to have my own note card collection that is based on my thoughts, my vision, my photography.

My expressions.


Putting pen to paper with thoughts of love, understanding, sincerity, truth, or humor will most times make someone laugh, smile, think, trust and act.


Writing brings about the power of expression

Writing says a little bit about you too

It says that you care, you took the time, you thought about me today

Take time and send a note to someone

Oh, the power of expression


A little note here or there could make a difference for you, for someone.

Are you are writer? Are there any other writers out there?

It is a tried and true tradition and I hope it never goes away.

Written form.