Ol' Barney, and the Glow of the Moon

It was late into the night and the stars were shining brightly. And the moon was all aglow. The Barnegat Light affectionately known as they Ol'Barney still makes its mark on the eastern most point in the State of New Jersey. In 1971 the Barnegat Lighthouse was included the National Register of Historic Places. Ol' Barney still stands and shines brightly on the East Coast. 


An Iconic Sense of Style

In celebration of Black History Month, I would like to continue my focus on style and grace by sharing these images.  Back in the day, people had an iconic sense of style, dressing came naturally; they walked with pride and represented our culture beautifully.  Whether they were going out on the town, representing that jazz swag, or posing for a portrait image, they owned their style.

My family captured that jazz sway style, that sense of elegance and grace. Those having that extra ordinary sense of style, representing their era with grace and dignity are noted in these images: Isola M. Johnson (Mom), Uncle Jimmy Tompkins (Uncle), Walter Pearson (Dad), Dr. Ruth Holly (Mother-in-Law) and Mr. Delmos McCall (Father-in-Law).

What’s your style? When others view your image years from now, would they see your era? Would they see style and grace and a little bit of culture?

Again, what’s your style? 

Colors of Phoenix

I am truly excited to see my photography take on an entirely different meaning when printed on fabric. With some photo manipulation, I've enjoyed creating beautiful abstracts. These abstracts are printed on fabric; thereby, creating beautiful scarves.  These colorful pieces will enhance dresses, blouses, sweaters and even hand bags. 

My original art is custom printed on 100% silk. 

The Art of Style

Haute couture, elegance, style and sophistication. While visiting The Metropolitan Museum of Art, I had the opportunity to see the works of a great fashion icon, Jacqueline de Ribes. Not only was she a designer, but she was an entrepreneur as well.  Her original works, from 1962 to present, are featured at The Met and provides a taste of elegance that is much needed today.  

After reviewing this exhibit, I began to reminiscence about how we got dressed for Sunday morning service, and Saturday night parties.  Yes, we partied and then went to Church the next day (and in some cases) the same day.  Because, if you were in our home and had our parents, going to church wasn’t an option. Hahaha! We got dressed for work and made sure that those clothes could easily be transformed into the evening “after work attire”.  I miss those days.

My challenge is to make style and elegance in dress popular again. Consider wearing a colorful scarf around your neck or wrist. Add a scarf to your purse as it would increase your sense of style. Consider heels or nice flats as opposed gym shoes or sneakers.  Young men, consider a belt that buckles at the waist and not below. Consider a hat as opposed to a hoodie...a homburg should do the trick. 

The Art of Style on exhibit at The Met, featuring Jacqueline de Ribes, is Couture. Countess de Ribes’ sense of style had a tremendous impact in the fashion industry as she incorporated layering, colors; and in some cases used inexpensive fabrics in her designs.  An entrepreneur, a designer, a woman...hats off to Jacqueline de Ribes. She made it happen. And maybe, just maybe a few of her elements of design will come into realization today.

Silk Scarves via Orlett W. Collections

Welcome to my creative side...

My goal is to print my images on fabric using digital print technology. After careful research and then finally teaming with a textile team, I finally have the opportunity to provide my images to you on fabric.  Orlett W. Collections will begin with accessories (primarily scarves) and will later add apparel and interiors.

Based on select images, my goal is to design wearable art pieces allowing movement, style and grace.  I'm excited and look forward to sharing my art with you.  

Orlett W. Collections

It's here! My logo is here and you can check it out on this page under 'Latest Post'.

I am excited to present my logo for 'Orlett W. Collections.' In the not too distant future, we will revisit a dress code consisting of class, style and sophistication. So stay tune…there is more to come.

What's your style?


My Photography, Wearable Art and Social Responsibility!

I was recently contacted by VIDA, a Google Ventures-backed fashion e-commerce platform bringing together designers around the world to create original, inspiring apparel in a socially conscious way. VIDA stated that they were impressed with my photography and want to use a few of my images as designs for a few of their products. 

Of course, I jumped at the opportunity, especially when I found out that for every VIDA product made, the company offers literacy programs for the makers in Karachi, Pakistan in it that they would have the opportunity to learn educational basics: reading, writing and mathematics. And yes, I am excited about seeing my photography on wearable sustainable apparel and will be placing my order today.  The scarfs are 100% modal fabric, highly fashionable and very comfortable…so join me by placing your order today.

I am thrilled about this opportunity and hope that you would support this project by ordering a beautiful scarf within the next five (5) days in support of my photography, along with the VIDA literacy program.  In order for my work to go into production, I need a minimum quantity ordered in the next seven days.  If you can, please support my photography and this socially responsible organization.  And guess what, I have my very own website, making it easier to place your order.  As an incentive, VIDA is offering a coupon code “VIDAVOICES” for 20% off of your first order. 

Click the link and place your order:



Thank you for your support.

Orlett Pearson McCall