An Iconic Sense of Style

In celebration of Black History Month, I would like to continue my focus on style and grace by sharing these images.  Back in the day, people had an iconic sense of style, dressing came naturally; they walked with pride and represented our culture beautifully.  Whether they were going out on the town, representing that jazz swag, or posing for a portrait image, they owned their style.

My family captured that jazz sway style, that sense of elegance and grace. Those having that extra ordinary sense of style, representing their era with grace and dignity are noted in these images: Isola M. Johnson (Mom), Uncle Jimmy Tompkins (Uncle), Walter Pearson (Dad), Dr. Ruth Holly (Mother-in-Law) and Mr. Delmos McCall (Father-in-Law).

What’s your style? When others view your image years from now, would they see your era? Would they see style and grace and a little bit of culture?

Again, what’s your style?